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Home page information is going to be here sometime soon I guess. But for now you get to read this lovely sample text that has been generated by a this automated brainfart of one of our band members!

This seems obvious to most, but to get back to the main page you press the close button in the corner (X).

I would like to put some more information on this page so that the navigation menu shows up. It looks so cool that I just must put some text over here so that all of you people get to see this cool navigation. The truth is, there is nothing special about it, but you still have to see it because I intend for you to :) Yep, that's how the life goes friends!

So here sarts the most important text of the page... You may need to scroll down to get to the bottom of the importance of this text. It may even appear that your scroll does not scroll down enough and you will never realize how important this text is. Or you won't be able to scroll down enough to get to the true bottom of this meaning. But if you really put some effort and read the text above, you may just realize the deepness of this text and it's true meaning. Happy hunting!